Here is a list of selected projects I worked on between 2005-2013. Throughout this period, I had the privilege to collaborate with top-notch researchers, designers, engineers, and others from all over the world. Every project in this list is a result of tight teamwork and the credit belongs to the respective project team as a whole and each of its members. Confidential materials are not disclosed (Last updated on July 2013).


Creating a new web service that helps people discover, sell, and share the things they no longer use. Currently in development.


Future of Online Learning
Apollo Group + IDEO
Led a team of interaction designers as part of a larger team to envision the future of learning for Apollo. The project resulted in a new approach to online learning and a detailed learning platform prototype. This work is being gradually incorporated into Apollo’s new offerings.


Future of Local News and
Worked side-by-side with the innovation team of Gannett for 6 months to envision the future of local journalism and news. As a result, we spun off TheBoldItalic and developed its product and business strategy.

Digital Strategy and Social Media Experiments
Conducted a series of experiments involving IDEO’s social media and web properties to shape a digital strategy for IDEO’s marketing team. This work resulted in a vision for social media engagement and a IDEO-facilitate q/a platform prototype for hosting innovation conversations.


Home Shopping Service Strategy
GS Home ShoppingIDEO
Led a team of researchers and designers to create a multi-channel service strategy for GS, the Korean shopping conglomerate. The project resulted in a service approach that unifies the customer experience in online, TV, and catalog properties. A part of this work was further implemented as Ditto, a new shopping offering.

Deep Brain Stimulation Software Interface
Intelect MedicalIDEO
Led the design of the software interface for a 3D brain modeling technology to accompany the surgery and on-going therapy of deep brain stimulation patients. This work helped the client differentiate their offering and they were subsequently acquired by Boston Scientific.

Meta-Markets and User Labor
With Burak Arikan and Cenk Dolek
A stock market experiment where people trade shares of their social media accounts, and a framework for measuring user participation in social web services.


Card Service Strategy and Branded Experiences
Led the digital portion of a strategy project where we re-positioned HyundaiCard’s offerings. The project resulted in a new strategy that combines HyundaiCard’s wide range of credit card products, a new card services website, a new brand identity, and new service concepts involving digital and physical experiences.

Executive Lounge Experience Design
JW MarriottIDEO
I lead a project where we re-designed the executive lounge experience in JW hotels and resorts. Similar to a UX design project, we designed a time-based experience only in space instead of screen, with service moments specified in an experience blueprint document. For the research phase, I traveled to Hong Kong and stayed in a different hotel every night for one week.


Dashboard Design for Hybrid Vehicles
Ford ResearchIDEO
Designed dashboard concepts for Ford’s next gen hybrids to coach drivers on optimizing the performance of the vehicle. Ford implemented this work with Smart Design in 2009 Ford Fusion Hybrid, which won a number of awards.

MediaNET Mobile Portal Redesign
For the re-design of MediaNet, the walled garden content portal of AT&T (then Cingular), our team proposed a customizable widget platform, where third parties would develop applications that deliver rich content and utilities. A few months later, Apple launched iPhone, and MediaNet stayed as a basic content and directory service.


Mobile Apps and Strategy
Worked in a team of designers to design and oversee the development of two mobile apps for the TV show Entourage. Unfortunately, HBO never released the finished apps. We also created a 5-year mobile strategy roadmap. 5 years later, HBO hired us again.

Windows Live Human Interface Guidelines
Worked in a team of designers, who were tasked to create a style guide to establish a consistent UX and visual language across Microsoft’s various properties (e.g. Mail, Blogs, Security, MSN, Search etc) for Microsoft’s then new online operating system, Windows Live.