I’m a NYC-based product leader and entrepreneur with >2 decades in design and tech innovation. I currently lead product at Thesis, a venture studio for growing decentralized economies secured by cryptography. Our target market is Bitcoin, a trillion dollar question.

I founded Project Interactions, a strategic design studio, and partnered with entrepreneurs and executives on new product ventures. Our work accelerated Sema4, a data-driven healthcare startup, to spin out from Mount Sinai Hospital with a $50M seed round. Sema4 went public with a >$2B valuation within 5 years.

I honed my “design for business” craft at IDEO through 15 “Future of …” projects over 6 years across the world, a third of which I led with brilliant collaborators. This experience was a true masters class in how organizations evolve or become obsolete as they face market shifts.

I cofounded 2 startups (Itemology and Patara), oversaw product, fundraising, team building, and folded both before scale. Lessons from those is another story (or book). I am currently working on the third with Thesis folks.

I live in New York with my wife, two kids, and the cutest dog ever. Fun fact: I play table tennis competitively.